June 22, 2007
Depot Park
Concert In The Park
Thank You Penny!
Check out the dancers in the audience!
Click the pics to enlarge!
There are lots of volunteer
dancers for the Teddy Bear Twist!
Judges, Joe & Bruce from the
audience, narrow the dance field
down to two finalists!
But one "accidentally" drops her teddy bear.
Little Addison wins the grand prize!
Kids really show their stuff in the
Hula Hoop Contest.
(There's one "big" kid in the crowd - can you find her?)
Sure and steady was winner, Jillian's secret -
the hoop stayed up throughout the entire song
while she move around!
Little Rock n Rollers
The Community
Volunteer Band
played some
marvelous tunes
and take a very
well deserved
Terrific Audience!