Aug 25, 2007
Cheboygan Old 27 Tour
The Teddy Bear Twist
hits Cheboygan!
Click on the pics to enlarge!
The judges had a difficult time -
there were lots of terrific
twisters!  Congratulations to the
winner, Sandy!
Cheboygan Area Chamber of
Commerce.  Check them out!
Click the link above
Cheboygan Downtown
Development Authority.  
<<< Click the link to the left
& check them out!
Thank you Cheboygan Area Chamber of
Commerce & Cheboygan Downtown
Development Authority
       There were
lots of very
talented dancers
in the audience
who knew all of
the dance moves
from the era!
     This crowd really
new how to strut
their moves down the
middle of the "Stroll"
(pics left & right)
Shout with
tambourines gets
everyone going!
Congratulations to all of our
other prize winners: Stasia G, Al
G, & Yvonne P of Cheboygan
and Gail of Wolverine!
Thank you Cheboygan for your
wonderful hospitality!