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Thank you Kyla!
Air guitars & air saxaphones
brought  a lot of "future"
musicians to the floor!
His fellow lifeguards
supplied the "air guitar" to
the "newbie" lifeguard!
The "Teddy Bear Twist"
had different judges this
year, but Aretha, the
winner from last year,  was
declared champ this year
too!  A milestone in "Teddy
Bear Twist" history!
It was an honor for us to
meet Josh, who just
recently completed a tour
of duty with the U.S. Army
in Iraq. Welcome home!
Congratulations to our
prize drawing winners:
Peggy Sue, Mike C, Cathy
W, & Jared T-all from Ohio.
Future member of the United
States Olympian Gymnast Team?.
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