Byron Cook
Born and raised in Flat Rock, Michigan, Byron’s interest in music began as a young boy.  
When he went to weddings with his family, he’d camp out as close to the band as
possible and most times right there on stage next to the musicians.  Byron sat, watched
and listened intently to the musicians all night long, awestruck by the live music they
performed.  Early on, he knew it was something he wanted to do as well – perform live

Byron was 8 years old when he got his first drum set, a gift from his parents.  He
practiced drumming while listening to his favorites on the radio.  He was 13 years old
when he played drums in public for the first time at a local bar.  Some early musical
influences for Byron were
“The Beatles”,  the “Motown” sound, “Rolling Stones” and
“Bob Dylan”.

In high school Byron joined the  Flat Rock High School marching band and concert
band.  He and some friends formed a band called the “Dynamic Downbeats” and played
in area lounges and at private parties.  Throughout the years, Byron has performed with
numerous bands that include
“Mass Confusion”, “Christine Austin & The Peacemakers”,
“Strawberry Jam”, “Gold Dust”, a ‘50’s band called “The Fantastics” and “Collage” a top
40 cover band.
  Byron eventually formed his own band, “Diamonds In The Rough” that
performed covers of classic rock and country.  It was with
“Diamonds In The Rough”
that John Webb  (then future founder of  LEGEND The Band) learned a lot about what it
takes to keep a live band going.  During his career, Byron has had the pleasure of
performing with some notable musicians;
the bass player from “Steppenwolf”, the guitar
player from “Mystic Winds” and the keyboard player from “Molly Hatchet”.

One of Byron’s most thrilling musical moments was with “Collage” at a New Year’s Eve
party. There were 800 people in attendance - he had never played in front of so many
people before!   One of his most embarrassing moments occurred at a wedding
reception he was playing at.  He was  dressed to the nines in a dark suit and tie and
when he sat down on his drum stool – the seam in the seat of his pants split. No
mistaking that sound.

When Byron isn’t playing live, he enjoys listening to a variety of music styles –
Eagles, Doobie Brothers and Vince Gill
are just a few.  

Byron provides
LEGEND The Band  a strong and steady beat, a real solid pocket
drummer that gets the band into a deep groove and keeps them there.  Playing drums
has been a lifelong passionate experience for Byron and it’s obvious when you watch
and listen to him perform live!