"When I was a kid, I used to hang
outside my older brother's room
so I could listen to his Beatles &
Rolling Stones records"
Frank Barron
Frank began playing the saxophone after he "stumbled"
into Detroit's
Cobb's Corner one night which was
musically rich with R & B, jazz & soul music.  He initially
started his music education by learning to play the sax
in area bars, but later attended Wayne State University
to sharpen his musical abilities.  Frank's intense
passion for music had begun much earlier though, when
he first heard a flute solo in Rimsky-Korsakov's classical
symphony, Scheherazade.

Over the years, Frank's professional musical experience
has had him playing for
The Contours, The Dramatics,
Martha Reeves and the Coasters.
 In 2005 he went to
Spain to do a performance with Nathanial Mayer where
they played a R & B and Rock & Roll venue.  While
Frank loves all kinds of music and is "crazy about
dozens of saxophone players", a couple of his all time
favorites are
Wayne Shorter and Sonny Rollins.

The heavy influence of jazz, blues and soul have
definitely shaped Frank's impassioned performance of
rock & roll music.  He plays a wicked sax for
The Band
, as well as the flute, harmonica &
penny-whistle. and his singing style has a unique
quality that is steeped with soul.